Lemi Certified

100% Made in Italy


Furthermore, as an exclusive guarantee of its products’ authenticity, LEMI even obtained the prestigious “100% Made in Italy” certification in 2010. This certification requires the company to subject itself to a thorough series of inspections, in order to certify that its production cycle is entirely performed in Italy. All LEMI products come with a warranty certificate bearing a holographic, anti-counterfeit logo and sequential number, which allows the product to be traced via a dedicated website. For our customers, this is a certified guarantee of superior quality. For LEMI, it’s a calling.

Lemi Dettaglio 04
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ISO 9001


LEMI’s product quality is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, with certificate number 50 100 100 75 issued by TUV Italy.

Lemi TUV
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