COD: 1182

■ Standard handset control
■ SYNCHRO function: synchronized backrest/legrest movement
Fire retardant class 1IM, “Azo” free, antibacterial, antifungal covering
■ Standard version includes: 3 electric motors (legs, backrest, trendelenburg adjustment), handset control and “Easy-to-clean” anatomic mattress without stitching, adjustable legrest, seat guides, blood sample taking armrests, fixed clamps and roll holder
■ Move base with retractable wheels
■ Weight:
50 kg   |   Dimensions: 168 × 59 × 126 cm

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He-Move is equipped with high-performance and silent electronics and a practical standard handset control. Easily movable, thanks to the retractable wheels, guarantees maximum ease of cleaning for aseptic clinical environments.

Ideal for: blood sampling and hemodialysis.



The Lemi line chairs have been subject to an important upgrade of the electric system (motors and controls). The electronics of products is more performing, while keeping the products very silent during movements. The controls, which were previously connected from the inside, are now “plug & play”, that means they are connected from the outside and can be easily removed by a technician.


The chair features an electric LEG adjustment. Through a practical handset control, you can easily adjust the leg inclination up to 90°. This facilitates comfortable access to the patient and the doctor has the ability to adjust the bed according to their needs.


In addition to the classic BACK and TRENDELENBURG movements, the new HANDSET CONTROL has, together with the LEG movement, the SYNCHRO (synchronized back and legrest) function.

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Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 170 × 74 × 86 cm

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