COD: 1126

Standard foot pedal control with 1 motor for height adjustment
Gas spring for backrest adjustment
Manually adjustable legrest
■ 3 sections mattress
with adjustable Zak headrest
■ Extremely solid metal base

Fire retardant class 1IM, “Azo” free, antibacterial, antifungal covering
■ Weight: 57 kg   |   Dimensions: 195 × 70 × 48/86 cm

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Featuring a reliable and solid metal base and a three sections mattress with Zak headrest, Sosul is suitable for diagnostics, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and reflexology treatments. Ensuring the utmost stability during medical examinations.

Ideal for: physiotherapy, diagnostics, rehabilitation.



Sosul has an electric height adjustment. Through a practical foot pedal you can comfortably bring the bed from a minimum height of 48 cm to a maximum of 86 cm. This facilitates access to the patient and the doctor is able to adjust the table according to their needs in order to reach the most suitable working position to perform the examination correctly.


The table is equipped with a fully adjustable manual backrest using a practical gas spring. Through the use of a practical gas spring it is possible to adjust the backrest bringing the bed from a totally horizontal position to a maximum inclination of 50° ± 2°, while offering up to 5 different inclinations of the seat and legrest grasping the final part of the mattress and gradually pulling it upwards until reaching the ideal relaxation position. To lift the final part of the legs simply rotate the handle placed just under the legs, fix the position and rotate the handle again.


Sosul has a large and comfortable headrest that is adjustable and fully removable. A practical knob placed behind the backrest makes it possible to extract or adjust the height of the headrest, while the inclination of the padding takes place by gently pushing the head forward or backward.

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Weight 77 kg
Dimensions 171 × 68 × 86 cm

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Carter ABS

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