LEMI’s values include manufacturing products in full compliance with its customers’ expectations. It does this by guaranteeing maximum precision in the construction of each piece, as well as by ensuring continuous improvements, even with well-consolidated products. Thanks to its partnerships with numerous industry experts, the company is constantly welcoming new ideas, transforming them into innovative tools. But LEMI’s greatest assets lie in its staff, with all their experience, talent and passion.



All LEMI products feature a wide range of customization possibilities. In fact, the company offers a vast assortment of colors, materials, finishes, metals and wood products to render each model unique.

All the padded models are hand-finished by LEMI’s upholstering department, where our highly-skilled and experienced upholsterers constantly strive for perfection, creating extraordinary effects. It’s a question of style. Italian style, which is renowned worldwide.


The added values of excellent craftsmanship, maximum attention to detail, exceptional product quality, and comprehensive service. For LEMI, these are just some of the basic requirements. They are the result of a winning strategy that’s based upon the company’s complete independence, the efficiency of an advanced R&D department, and the decision not to outsource the production processes.

From conception to design, prototyping and packaging, the product’s entire life cycle is managed internally, with each individual part being evaluated according to strict inspection criteria.


LEMI has been pursuing its environmental sustainability goals for a number of years. In addition to outfitting its production facility with photovoltaic panels and LED lighting systems, these goals also include the creation of a value scale that’s not exclusively based on economic criteria. This means selecting new suppliers, adapting the equipment and evaluating new materials.
Today, 70% of the company’s wooden equipment and treatment tables are manufactured using FSC certified lumber from unprotected forests. The mattress covers, which are free of synthetic dyes and toxic materials, are furnished by suppliers that have committed themselves to sustainable development, guaranteeing full compliance with the best environmental protection practices.

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