Dreamed Zak Move

COD: 333-111 MOVE

■ 4 electric motors for continuous adjustments
■ Pedal controls with automatic reset function
■ Entirely enclosed ABS casing
■ Seamless “Easy-to-clean” mattress
■ Class 1 IM fire-resistant upholstering for medical examination tables
■ Adjustable and removable headrest to facilitate access for the practitioner
■ Move base with integrated wheels (available in grey color only)
■ Rotation not available
■ Standard equipment with guides on the backrest

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DreaMed Zak is a multi-sector examination chair/table designed specifically for ENT, dental and ophthalmic visits, as well as minor outpatient surgery. Thanks to its entirely electrical seat, backrest, height and trendelenburg position adjustments, the DreaMed Zak offers maximum comfort for the patient and practitioner alike.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 223 × 82 × 88 cm

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Carter ABS

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