Gyno Plus

COD: 305+318

■ 3 motors for height, backrest and trendelenburg position adjustments
■ Pedal controls
■ Automatic reset function
■ 90° rotation from both sides
■ Easy-to-clean anatomic mattress
■ Large stainless steel tray for organic waste
■ Wide selection of Class 1 IM fire-resistant upholstering
■ Standard equipment, including thigh supports, stainless steel handles, inox basin and roll holder
■ Extractable leg rests available upon request

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Specifically manufactured for gynaecological, urological and ultrasound use, Gyno Plus unit offers the absolute best in terms of both comfort and design. Thanks to its minimum height of 51 cm, the unit ensures maximum ease of access for the patient, while at the same time offering ideal functionality for the practitioner. The seamless anatomic mattress is extremely  comfortable, and is upholstered in fire-resistant fabric available in a wide range of colours.


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Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 202 × 74 × 85 cm

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Carter ABS

Via Mara Maretti Soldi 13 - Casalbuttano (CR)