Hemo Chair


■ Manually adjustable backrest
■ Manually adjustable legrest
■ “Easy-to-clean” mattress without stitching
■ Silent wheels
■ Wide selection of class 1IM fire-resistant coverings
■ Standard version: anatomic mattress, head support, adjustable
legrest and backrest, seat guides, blood sample taking armrests

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Hemo chair is especially designed for blood-sampling and tests operated in blood banks and labs.
The back and leg sections can be adjusted by gas-spring. The handles fixed on the side of the seat enable the patient to easily adjust the sections.
A couple of blood-sampling arms, with adjustable height and inclination, and a comfortable pillow are included.
The chair can be easily moved thanks to the rubber wheels with brake. The seamless mattress helps with a deep hygienisation of the chair.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 125 × 80 × 118 cm

Mattress Colors


Via Mara Maretti Soldi 13 - Casalbuttano (CR)