Podo Mix 1-2 Motors

1 M COD: 204-3

2 M COD: 204-1

■ Version with 1 electric motor for height adjustments
■ Version with 2 electric motors for height and tilt adjustments
■ Pedal control unit with automatic reset function
■ Completely enclosed ABS casing
■ Adjustable and extractable headrest
■ High customization and class 1M fire resistant upholstering
■ “Easy-to-clean” mattress
■ Height adjustament for maximum comfort for practitioner and for patient
■ Standard with anatomic mattress and flat armrest
■ Rotation 180°

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Lemi’s podo mix line podiatry chairs are designed to combine exceptional patient comfort with ease of use for the practitioner. The chair’s minimum height ensures maximum ease of access for the elderly, as well as for individuals with limited movement capabilities. Its maximum height of 105 cm, which can be further increased with the trendelenburg position even allows the practitioner to work standing up.

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Weight 129 kg
Dimensions 145 × 96 × 137 cm

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Carter ABS

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