Podo Slinder

COD: 214

■ 2 electric motors for height and trendelenburg adjustment
■ Manually adjustable legrest with inclination (90°), extension and rotation
■ Manually reclining backrest (it does not allow completely flat position)

Standard foot pedal control with automatic reset function
Fire retardant class 1IM, “Azo” free, antibacterial, antifungal covering
■ Standard version includes: 2 electric motors (height and trendelenburg adjustment), foot pedal control, “easy-to-clean” mattress with BAT armrests, 180° rotation
■ Weight:
68 kg   |   Dimensions: 106 × 67 × 47/100 cm

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Podo Slinder is Lemi podiatry chair featuring an ergonomic thin mattress and BAT armrests. Podo Slinder min. height of 47 cm allows patient’s easy access while, thanks to different adjustments, the doctor can change the working position. Fully upholstered mattress, standard two-tone with gray back. Ensuring ergonomics and comfort.

Ideal for: podologic examination



It is possible to adjust the chair comfortably using the standard foot pedal control which allows the electric movements of TRENDELENBURG and HEIGHT which varies from a minimum of 47 to a maximum of 100 cm, while the backrest is manually adjustable.


It is possible to manually adjust the legs of the chair quickly and easily using the practical side levers. In this way both the extension of the legs (individually), the lateral rotation of 50°, and the inclination that allows bending the legs up to 90° are set.


In addition to the classic movements, the FOOT PEDAL CONTROL features the AUTOMATIC RESET function, thanks to which it is possible to return the chair from any position to the “base” position to facilitate the patient’s ascent or descent.

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Weight 83 kg
Dimensions 124 × 80 × 118 cm

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Carter ABS

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