Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly and transport

  • Q: Is electric supply required?
    A: Yes, installation is required complying with country regulations and with the electric drawing sent by Lemi. Lemi beds are 220 V except for special enquiries. Upon request 110 V available.


  • Q: Is bed installation easy?
    A: Yes, absolutely. All Lemi beds are Plug and Play – they are completely assembled before shipment and ready for plug in (and for hydraulic installation whenever required).


  • Q:  Is drain required?
    A: Whenever hydraulic installation is required, drain is required, too, according to the hydraulic drawing sent by Lemi. Floor or wall installation are possible.


  • Q:  How shall installation be made?
    A: According to the electric drawing of equipment sent by Lemi and of standard regulations.

Electrical and Hydraulic Connections

  • Q: Who shall take care of assembly?
    A: The bed is assembled and tested before shipment, so the bed will be delivered completely assembled.


  • Q: Is the bed easy to install?
    A: All Lemi beds are Plug and Play, being completely assembled and ready for plug in.


  • Q: In how many parts will the bed arrive?
    A:  The bed is one piece only, being assembled before shipment.

Product Info

  • Q: Is the mattress available in different colors?
    A: Yes, the mattress is available in 38 different colors from two kinds of fabrics : Nefos and Spa Prestige.


  • Q: Is the base available in different colors?
    A: Yes, several finishes are available according to the bed model.


  • Q: Which kind of accessories may be added?
    A: A wide list of accessories upon request is available  according to the bed model.

Lemi Service

  • Q: Which is the product warranty?
    A: The product warranty is longlife and unique: 10 years for the metal frame, 5 years for the mattress foam, 2 years for electric parts, 1 year for heating.


  • Q: Who will take care of servicing?
    A: Lemi ensures the exclusive Lifetime Assistance service. Contact Lemi authorised distributor in your country, or directly ask to Lemi Group Italy


  • Q: Who is the Lemi distributor in my country?
    A: Just send your full details to Lemi Group Italy and we will inform you about the local Lemi Authorised distributor.
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