Podo R5 – Podo R3

COD. 1321     R5
COD. 1370     R3

Compact base with minimal footprint and modern design
■ 180° base rotation via pedal
■ Maximum capacity 250Kg
Version with 5 motors: separate electric adjustment of the legs, height, back and trendelenburg, manual rotation of the legs, armrests included
Version with 3 motors: electric height, back and trendelenburg, manual rotation of the legs, armrests included
Standard foot pedal control with: 2 MEMORIES, AUT function (automatic return to zero position)
Ergonomic “Easy-to-clean” mattress
Fire retardant class 1IM, “Azo” free, antibacterial, antifungal covering
■ Weight: 97 kg (PODO R5) – 99 kg (PODO R3)  |   Dimensions: 168 × 72 × 52/94 cm

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Podo R5/R3 is an ergonomic and functional podiatric chair designed to ensure maximum comfort for the patient and allow the doctor to alternate working positions. Equipped with 3 or 5 electric motors and a foot pedal with AUT function and 2 MEMORIES.Modifica la traduzione in English

Ideal for: podiatric visits




The modern design of PODO R5 and PODO R3 stands out for its clean lines, while ensuring optimal comfort for both the client and the professional. Its compact base harmoniously integrates into any professional environment.


The 180° rotation of the base offers unprecedented versatility. This feature allows the professional to position the chair in the most appropriate and functional manner, facilitating client access and improving the operational efficiency of the treatment.


PODO R5/PODO R3 features a foot pedal with a modern and innovative design. This advanced control allows for the selection and management of specific sections of the chair. Also equipped with M1/M2 memory functions, the AUT function, and a standard custom-fit pedal cover, it optimizes the workflow, ensuring superior comfort for the client.

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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 170 × 74 × 86 cm

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